New pay what you can membership!

This season at Theatre at Queens the standard membership rate has been capped at £225. This is usually broken up in to five equal payments of £45, paid each month by BACS (August – December).

This amount is for the cost of 22 sessions over 16 weeks leading up to the production week at the beginning of December. That is approximately £10 per session, £4 per hour (each session being 2.5 hours in length).

£4 per hour gets you quality professional training with some of Glasgow’s finest theatre tutors and artists. This season we will be working with a fantastic selection of professional artists to deliver a workshop and training programme that will give our young members the best experience and skills development during the rehearsal process for this year’s pantomime.

In addition to this, our young members will get the opportunity to perform in a fully supported production free of charge. We value our young people and the hard work they put in to the productions at Theatre at Queens. Because of this we believe there should be no charge for membership during our production week when everyone is working together to deliver a high quality and enjoyable show.

We believe that our standard membership fee is great value for money, but we are also aware that everybody’s budgets are different. With this in mind, we are introducing a new ‘Pay What You Can’ membership model. No young person should be denied access to the arts due to financial restraints and so we are opening our doors and giving all young people who are interested in being a part of Theatre at Queens the opportunity.

All that we ask is that each member commits to paying an amount that they can afford each month towards the running costs of the company. This amount will preferably be paid by BACS and will remain completely undisclosed to other members of the group. The new membership model will run on an honesty basis and we will trust the honesty of our community to be truthful in the amount that they are able to pay.

There may be individuals who would like to join Theatre at Queens and are unable to pay even the smallest amount each month. In these circumstances, we would not want to turn these individuals away, but would expect that they were interested and committed members of the company.

Our hope is that we can create an inclusive and sustainable model in which all members of our community are valued and welcome.